Tawnee Kendall

Release The Ghost is Tawnee Kendall's third EP, but is the first to fully capture the grit, rawness, power, and magnetism which Tawnee Kendall is known for in both her songwriting and her live performances. Kendall collaborated heavily with producer, Kyle Caprista, creating captivating storytelling foundations akin to Patsy Cline and Ryan Adams, while delivering a powerful full-band wave of enveloping sound that will have you begging for festival grass to dance on. Release The Ghost is an elevated folk experience which will tangle its melodies around your head and heart, making it hard to stop singing even after the music has stopped.

What people are saying about Tawnee Kendall:

>> Escape The Madness With Tawnee Kendall's new EP: Release The Ghost

Out Now, Release the Ghost is a 4-track album that mixes the sweet with the somber and the uplifting. The stories contained within breathe a Country vibe, while the music itself is eclectic but cohesive.

This is heart-on-your-sleeve artistry – filled with lyrics that tell very personal experiences of pain, loss, love, and hope – a release of emotions that built the gateway to a new beginning. Thank you, Tawnee, for taking us on this journey with you. - Alexis Coram, Huffington Post [10.15.2017]

>> Lead singer, Tawnee Kendall's, beautiful and commanding voicecoats The Hangover Brigade's saucy folk country pop music sensabilities with great ease and medolious style. - Deli Magazine, Artist of the Month. [10.2.13]

>> The Hangover Brigade brings a jam band feel that brings out lead singer, Tawnee Kendall’s power-driven vocal capabilities. Their song, “Any Way I Can Get It”, brings out the talent of the band, and their music is an experience itself that captivates the listener in a trance and doesn’t let go. - Victor Casilles Valle, Deli Magazine. [8.22.13]