Tawnee Kendall

With the grit of rock, the glam of pop, and the story of folk, Tawnee Kendall lights up the room when she is on stage.  The San Francisco based singer, songwriter, and guitar player immerses herself into her tales of heartbreak and hilarity, taking you along for the ride. Incorporating a raw, theatrical element to her performance, and using her comfortable-in-her-own-skin confidence, she shows that being sexy is not subject to cultural opinion, but about owning what you do. Whether it’s one note or an elaborate melody, there is a power to her storytelling.

Her parents say she was singing before she could speak. Her mother came from a southern folk-bluegrass lineage, and so Tawnee grew up singing along with Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton. However, it was her dad that turned her onto classic rock, along with the dynamic, big performances of its famous front men which made such a lasting impression. “I love how Jim Morrison would get utterly lost in the song and become a complete vessel of portraying the story.” Drawing from that influence and modern day performers such as Grace Potter, Tawnee strives to leave it all on the floor.

When it comes to her songwriting, she cites the inspiration of Martha Wainwright, Joshua James, and Neko Case who have “the ability of describing tiny little elements that are so specific that you are transported into the storyline.” Thus, Tawnee values the importance of adding contextual details to her songs, as well as the belief that songwriting should not be completely narcissistic. “I think it’s a better option, as a musician, to be able to reference your own personal experiences, and then look at the world around you and sing about what other people are going through.”

Tawnee is proud of her music, but not disillusioned as to her place in the world. So, no matter if notoriety is there or not, performing is something she does because a life without music is not an option. “I can tell you without hesitation, the day I’m not focused on music...it’s not a good day for me.” Whether it’s on YouTube, around a fire, at a coffee house, or on stage, you quickly see that she’s a natural performer and it’s hard not to be moved by her evocative tales.

- Written by Jay Austin Seals

The Hangover Brigade was born in early 2011, when a group of musically diverse friends got together to record lead singer Tawnee Kendall’s debut solo EP, In Between Spaces.

Rehearsing mostly on Sundays, after eventful weekend nights in the foggy city of San Francisco, prompted the group to affectionately adopt their name. Mornings after whiskey-soaked evenings can feel like a deterrent for most; the Brigade turns hangovers into fuel, adding an extra layer of gritty passion to all their songs.

The Hangover Brigade captivates audiences with dynamic and emotionally-charged performances. Their songs range from heartbreaking to hilarious, each one, an emotional and evocative tale. The Brigade has the ability to transport you, electrify you, excite you.

What people are saying about the Brigade:

Lead singer, Tawnee Kendall's, beautiful and commanding voice coats The Hangover Brigade's saucy folk country pop music sensabilities with great ease and medolious style. - Deli Magazine, Artist of the Month. [10.2.13]

The Hangover Brigade brings a jam band feel that brings out lead singer, Tawnee Kendall’s power-driven vocal capabilities. Their song, “Any Way I Can Get It”, brings out the talent of the band, and their music is an experience itself that captivates the listener in a trance and doesn’t let go. - Victor Casilles Valle, Deli Magazine. [8.22.13]

The Hangover Brigade is:

Tawnee Kendall - Vocals, Rythmn Guitar

Jeb Havens - Vocals, Piano

Joe Hickey - Bass, Beatbox

Jacob Wolkenhauer - Lead Guitar, Melodica

Heidi Weber - Drums